Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Foam Party at Buffett

I knew it would be an interesting day when the Jehovah's Witnesses cornered me in my backyard as I packing up the beer cooler. For some reason they had a strange look on their face as they gave me their literature. Yes sir Jimmy Buffett, there's a fine line between saturday night and sunday warning.

The weather people were off a bit. It rained from 2-4pm but then it cleared up nicely. Some very nice people from Minnesota let us stand under their tent for a while.

It was good to see Cindy and Joe again. My niece Deanna was working a bear booth and sold John a beer. A big kudos to John and Angela for all their kindness yesterday.

Krissy lost her I-Phone at Alpine Valley so pictures are a bit limited.

Someone brought an old yellow fire truck. As we walked by it the ladder went out and a foam party started. I'm never shocked at what you see at a Jimmy Buffett concert. The amount of work that people put into fun before the concert has taken a life of it's own.
Thank you once again Mr. Jimmy Buffett. You are LEGENDARY!


Krissy and Angela with Superman
My Goofball

John Drinking Old School Schlitz
Foam Party

More Foam

A Foamy Bird
Old School Fire Engine
Dropping the Foam

Even More Foam
Calm Before the Storm

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