Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Graham Parsons Theft

I've been up since 5:30am and feeling fine. I had to take Krissy to her spin class then head over to St. Marcus for cross country practice. Coco held his own and it was fun to see him excited for his first organized practice. It looks like they will have a pretty decent team this year.

It started raining at noon today but cleared up later. There's a 20% chance of rain for saturday for the Jimmy Buffett concert. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I heard about the Nutella shortage today. Apparently, Turkey has about 70% of the world's hazelnut population and bad weather has hurt the hazelnut crop. Bad weather isn't limited to just us as I sometimes forget.

I saw an interesting piece on television about Graham Parsons who played in the Byrds and The Flying Burrito Brothers. After his accidental overdose at the Joshua Tree Inn, two men rented a hearse and stole his body from a Los Angeles facility before his stepfather could claim the body.

They drove it out to Joshua Tree and poured gasoline on it and set it ablaze. His manager later confessed to the theft and told authorities that he was just abiding by his friends last wishes to not have an ordinary funeral which this certainly wasn't. Until recently there was a plaque memorializing the spot where Parsons was cremated in the desert. Tour guides will still show people the spot if they really want to see it. Crazy stuff 41 years ago!


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