Thursday, August 14, 2014

Happy 45TH Woodstock

A low 70's day with plenty of sunshine. Coco and I went for a nice run on the River Trail. I have about 9 months before the Bravo Challenge next May but I'm getting ready early.

Jim has the Airstream finished and they are using it as I type. They are out at Ottawa Lake near Oconomowoc.

I went and got a haircut today. My first one in just over a year. David my stylist just got back from a 3 week trip to Greece where he was visiting family members. It was 105 degrees yesterday when he left. He said it was pretty much like that for the most part of his trip as he traveled all over Greece.

It's the 45 anniversary of the Woodstock Music Festival. Many a great bands were in their early development stages when they performed at Woodstock. The billed headliner was Jimi Hendrix who performed the National Anthem at 11am but few people actually saw that famous moment.

It's strange to see how many of the performers are alive and well and still performing tours as of this year. Great music never dies. There used to be a bartender across the street named Dr. Bob who was an interesting character. I once asked him if he attended Woodstock. He said, "no, I was on my way to it but we got arrested in Michigan and never made it." I sure miss talking to the Doc!

The Airstream

A Classic

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