Sunday, August 17, 2014

Yardbird On A Balmy August Day

Six days before the Jimmy Buffett concert and I'm a bit concerned. Nothing signifies summer more than a Buffett concert. People cooking and drinking with very little clothes on smothered in suntan lotion. Yet, I'm outside today grilling up some yardbird with longsleeves on and socks. I toughed it out wearing shorts but we're going for a walk soon and I'm putting pants on. That's so wrong in the month of August at several different levels!

I see that Baraboo, Wisconsin made it illegal to sell beer on a pedal tavern in the city. Of course, Baraboo doesn't have a single pedal tavern but lord knows they must have seen them coming and city officials had nothing better to do. Maybe ban a few books at your next city meeting and Elvis Presley records also as the fifties aren't dead yet!

I finally got around to watching the "Blair Witch Project" last night. It only took 15 years. It was ok, not sure what all the fuss was about but glad I didn't get caught up in it back in the day.

I measured our new palm tree today and it tops out at 6'10. Since it's made out of metal I think it's done growing. It looks so cool at night with the light reflecting off of it. We're going to put a solar light in front of it. Thanks again Holly!

Going for a walk now. Please warm up for next saturday. Please????


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