Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer Finally Came To Milwaukee

I actually had to turn on the a/c today but just for a little while. The whole week is supposed to be 80's with thunderstorms off and on. Looks like we might get lucky saturday for the Jimmy Buffett concert.

We went for a walk last night and saw a college aged guy do the ice bucket challenge on the Humboldt Street bridge. Two girls were videotaping it.

Duke Energy polluted the Ohio River with yet another oil spill today. The third of the year by my count. They don't care. Taking shortcuts makes them so profitable that they easily pay the fines and still end up ahead. Besides, they make Governor's.

Don Pardo passed away this week. The original announcer for the original Jeopardy and Saturday Night Live. He was also the first announcer to break in with the Kennedy shooting in Dallas. Such an original voice.

It's still Buffett week! And Coco starts school tomorrow, yikes!!!


Still a 10 Year Old
Final Lazy Summer Day

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