Friday, August 29, 2014

Harley-Davidson Milwaukee Rally

So far the predicted rain hasn't been bestowed on us yet. Coco had his blazer ceremony at school today for middle school. The 5th graders actually have to earn the right to wear them. Maybe casual day hasn't made it to the Lutheran schools yet.

Welcome Back Kotter has a dvd box set being released. The series premiered in 1975 and ran for 4 years. I'm not sure how many people actually remember it, let alone how many will buy it. It was a big deal for a couple years and it starred John Travolta.

Boy, was I ever wrong. When the approval rate for Congress was 13% I remember saying it really couldn't go much lower. Well, it now stands at 7% for the most incompetent Congress to ever grace this nation. 

On the Travel Channel I saw a segment about the lawn chair man. He hooked up 42 weather balloons to a lawn chair. He had a walkie talkie and a bb gun. He expected to fly up to 1000 feet and hover for a while. Well, he finally stopped at 16,000 feet and the wind took him thru Los Angeles airspace. Planes were actually calling in that they spotted a man in a lawn chair flying thru the air.

He finally shot some balloons and landed safely. He was arrested and fined $1000. The lawn chair is on display at an air museum. I'm surprised he lived. I believe someone else tried that stunt without a chair and was lost at sea.

It's the Milwaukee Rally starting today. Harley-Davidson really does these events in a first class style. North Avenue will be closed tonight with bands. Water Street will follow suit tomorrow. It's great fun for the whole city. Thanks Harley!


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