Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ripping Up New Brady Street

A beautiful sunny day in Milwaukee today. Coco and I went for a run then played some soccer. He starts school again in two weeks! Luckily, they get a fall break but they are the first school back in session again this year.

Florida is in the middle of hurricane season once again. Actually, I was stunned to discover that it's been almost 9 years since the Florida coast has been hit by one. So far, they've only had two slight threats this season. It's predicted that the El Nino conditions in the Pacific Ocean will take the lackluster off any Atlantic storms.

It looks like we're going to the State Fair tomorrow around 3pm. I'm told the Whiskey Belles are indeed playing. I'll be sure to hit the reggae lounge also.

The Waterfront was a restaurant in Covington, Kentucky that was actually a floating restaurant that opened in 1996. It served many a famous people including Michael Jordan. It had been hit by boats, barges and ice yet remained with a better record than the Titanic. Until yesterday when it sank in the Ohio River for unknown reasons!

The newly paved Brady is less than two DAYS old and looking truly remarkable. I walked to Walgreens and there's a construction crew ripping up the road to work on a manhole in the middle of Brady Street. Really????


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