Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Jorge Soler Era Begins

The sun finally came out this afternoon. The august heat wave apparently has come and gone. We had cross country practice this morning. Coco had an excellent hill workout today and a good long run last night. We did a race walk thru this afternoon. Eight days until the first race.

We found some more Buffett concert photos. I'll post them at the end. No word yet if Krissy's phone has been found. She got a new one sunday.

The Cubs have called up their Cuban defector Jorge Soler from the minor leagues. He will make his game debut wednesday. The Cubs signed him to a 9 year, 30 million dollar contract last year. He's only 21 years old but looks like a freakish athlete. Not bad for a guy seeking freedom only a couple years ago. He probably looked over that 90 miles of ocean towards Key West many a times in his young life. Now he has 30 million smackers no matter how well he does. Welcome to America Jorge!

Mr. Music Man 
Mr. Foam Party Man
The Foam Drop
Cooking In The Rain

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