Friday, August 22, 2014

The Night Before Alpine Valley

I'm so tired with the heavy humidity which we aren't used to this year. Or, maybe it's running around getting ready for Jimmy Buffett tomorrow.

The menu is looking good. I'm grilling brats, italian sausage and chicken feta sausage. I've got the small concert grill ready to go. I'll get up early for ice and we have plenty of liquid refreshments.

I've been watching the East Troy, WI hourly weather report. High 70's with 10% chance of rain at any given hour. I've checked it several times. It keeps changing a lot in the last 24 hours so I'll check it right when I get up tomorrow. It's the highlight of my summer so I'm hoping it stays dry. That hill can be hard to stand on when it's wet. This is the only concert where I always go to the lawn. It's so much fun. I'd have to have top 3 row tickets to even consider the pavilion.

The Chicago Bears play the Seahawks tonight in their third exhibition game. Just escape injury free and I'll be happy.

Have to go check my list for tomorrow now. I'll need at least 2 tie dye shirts and a colorful button up, plus a bandana and a straw hat. It's nice to have options and oh yes, some beads!


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