Monday, August 4, 2014

Ball Bearings and Brakes

The rain held off until about 3pm. It was a beautiful day until that point. We haven't made it to the State Fair yet in West Allis but it looks like they are drawing decent crowds from the news coverage.

A correction from yesterday's blog. The Whiskey Belles weren't playing yesterday at Iron Horse. It was a very nice R & B band. The last set was rained out so we took off for tacos!

James Brady passed away today. He was President Reagan's press secretary who survived a gunshot wound to the head in 1981.

Congrats to Javier Baez who just was called up from the minor leagues by the Chicago Cubs. He had a terrific spring training but the Cubs kept him in the minor leagues so he could learn to play second base as they already have an All-Star shortstop in Starlin Castro.

Toledo, Ohio is having a problem with their drinking water. No surprise as this is becoming a pattern throughout the United States. The Toledo Mayor has now said the water is tainted but safe to drink. I saw it on the news and the water is Kermit the Frog green and that's no exaggeration. I don't know who the mayor is. Whether it's man or woman, republican or democrat, this person needs to be gone as no one should have to drink green water. Toledo is in need of a problem fixer not a blind eyed pollution denying hack!

This sunday is the 21st Battle of the Bars in Key West. It's a bar team competition with proceeds going to charity. Bribing the judges is very much allowed and those bribes go to charity also. Maybe Congress could learn something from this event.

Krissy took the day off to get some emergency work done on her ball bearings. Turns out she needed work on her brake lines also. It was a long day and she just walked in. I better get grilling!



The Sails
Iron Horse Patio

Still chillin
John helping the band out with a little air guitar

Angela and John before the rain

Angela preparing for the rain!

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