Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy 75th Mr. Wizard

Another rainy day. Rain in the forecast for Labor Day weekend also. As usual it will start becoming fall like very quickly in less than 2 weeks. Luckily, football season is right around the corner. Sunday afternoons can be very fun in our neighborhood.

Coco should be over very soon as soon as school is out. We'll get a short run in and then it will be up early for cross country practice tomorrow.

I see the Bitcoin industry is starting a political action committee. Of course, they are starting it up with real actual cash which goes against it's main principle. If they actually think they can compete at the political level with the banking industry they will surely be disappointed.

The Wizard of Oz was officially released to the masses on this day 75 years ago. It was released early to Kenosha and Oconomowoc for testing purposes. It played well to these two small Wisconsin towns.

Judy Garland was the big star but it was originally cast with Buddy Ebsen. He would later become famous for his starring role in The Beverly Hillbillies. Ebsen played the Tin Man for 10 days before he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. He had an allergic reaction to the aluminum powder in his makeup and he was put into an iron lung until he recovered. Ironically, he was originally picked to be the Cowardly Lion until a last minute casting change. His voice in the songs remained but his part was given to Jack Haley who was never informed about Ebsen. Worker's safety apparently didn't matter in 1939. The union "thugs" thankfully came along and changed that!


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