Saturday, August 2, 2014

Holy Facebook

Apparently Facebook went down for over twenty minutes yesterday and some people actually called their local police or 911. It was so bad that some police departments sent word via twitter that it's not a law enforcement issue. Why am I constantly stunned by asinine stupidity?

Naturally we went to Barnacle Buds last night to eat outside because the local weather forecasts were 0-5% chance of rain. I imagine you can guess who got rained on by the 5%! It was fun though because the back bar is open air with a roof so we just ate at the bar in front of a sign that said 'Jake.'

My book is progressing steadily as I've finished 4 chapters. It's less than 10% of the book though so it's still a work in progress.

We woke up and watched "Charge of the Light Brigade" starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland from 1936. Olivia is still alive today and just turned 98 years old on July 1st. Of the 8 films they made together this one is far from my favorite but still good.

I'm going running now then doing some grilling. Have a safe and fun saturday night!


Pretty Krissy
Bar Bucket Shot
At Barnacle Bud's Bar
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The Shelf Said Jake

The Mosquito Coast Camping Trip

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